Vložte kočku (EN)

Vložte kočku (translated as Feed me a cat, VK for short) is a four-piece band from Prague, Czech Republic. The band is renowned for their combined usage of live electronics, triggered drums, five-string violin and piano. Surreal lyrics, math-rock time signatures and intense atmospherics are the trademark of their gigs.

VK have released several EPs and three studio albums: Táta (2012), SEAT (2013) and recently also Hedvika (2015). The first two records were critically acclaimed, SEAT being awarded Vinyla best record award 2013 and Anděl electronic music award 2013. Their records are distributed using very unusual handmade media – USB flash drives stylised as furry paws or fantastical plastic toy animals. Highlights of their 200+ gigs, both at home and abroad, include the very successful Colours of Ostrava festival 2014 and a Radio Wave live session 2012. Vložte kočku also have written music for five theatrical plays and a couple of short movies.